NCERT Solutions

Get NCERT solutions for all classes 1st to 12th. Please select your class to get free solutions for Ncert Books. All subjects and also classes including 1 to 6th and 9 ,10, 11 &12.

Ncert solutions for all classes.

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ncert solutions

Ncert Solutions for class 12

Get all the answers of 12th class ncert books for the subjects related to languages, Humanities (Arts), Commerce and Science.

Ncert Solution for class 11
You will find here the answers of 11th class ncert books for the subjects related to languages, Humanities (arts), Commerce and Science.

Ncert solutions for class 10

Answers ofall Ncert class tenth. The solution of ncert books for class 10th subjects – Science, English, Hindi, Maths and Social Science and Sanskrit.

Ncert Solution for class 9

Answer of 9th class NCERT books. Solved solutions for Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English and Hindi and Sanskrit.

Ncert solutions for class 8

Solved Solutions of NCERT books of 8th class for all subject.

Ncert solution for class 7

Solutions of Ncert books of 7th standard.  Answer of all the Books ts – English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Maths, Science, History, Civics and Geography.

Ncert solutions for class 6

Class 6th solutions for Ncert books Includes all subjects like -Hindi, English, Mathematics, Social Science (SST), Science etc.

Ncert solution for class 5

English, Hindi, Maths and Environmental Studies (EVS). Solutions of Ncert Books for 5th standard.

Ncert solutions for class 4

Get answers of ncert class 4th books for all the subjects.

Ncert solution for class 3

Easy answers of Class 3rd Ncert book of EVS, English, Hindi and Maths.

Ncert solutions for class 2

Solved questions of NCERT books of class 2. you will get solutions for all the subjects

Ncert solution for class 1

1st class Ncert Books answers for all the books including English, Hindi, Maths Etc.

Answers of Ncert books For all classes are written in easy to understand language.

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